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Auto Warranty & Guarantee

Auto Warranty & Guarantee

Full Warranty: We are a  TECH-NET Professional Auto Repair Shop

When choosing an automotive service facility you must consider the quality of workmanship being performed. All Brands is aTECH-NET warranty cardProfessional Auto Service Center which means that we will honor other Tech-Net repair shop warranties.

In addition, if you hire us and something goes wrong somewhere else in the U.S; we are in alliance with  100’s of other high quality shops around the U.S. which you can go to for help!  All Brands Auto pays extra to belong to this elite group so that we can protect our customers’ new car warranties provide a more successful and pleasant automotive service experience.

  • A qualified technician at a reasonable cost will service your vehicle. It is every members goal to keep your vehicle safe, dependable and well maintained so that you have confidence on the road and a worry-free driving experience.
  • When you have service and repairs performed at a TECH-NET Professional Auto Service facility, you covered by a nationwide warranty.
  • The TECH-NET Professional Nationwide Warranty program covers most parts and labor for 12 months or 12,000 miles / 20,000 kilometers, which ever comes first when traveling more than 25 miles / 40 kilometers from the original TECH-NET Professional service and repair facility.
  • In the event you need assistance on a warranty related repair when traveling beyond 25 miles / 40 kilometers from the original service facility, simply call the toll-free number (866) 588-0728 which can be found on your original repair invoice.
  • The warranty program administrator will direct you to the nearest in-network service facility to handle the warranty related repair.

All Brands Auto offers AFFORDABLE  top quality truck & car repairs such as: transmission issues, squealing brakes, failed emission test, bad A/C, car electrical problems, or oil changes. Please call us at  (480) 962-6117 or stop by All Brands Auto Shop in central Mesa now!

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